Mohammed Bin Rashid Launches Innovation week initiative from Nov 22-28

Launched innovation Emirate week initiative from November 22 to 28, we will review where innovation has reached in our institutions, in our sectors of education, health, energy, space, economy and service innovations will be presented to the 2015's and our sector the government also will compete in the presentation of his innovations.
Allocated a dedicated committee at the federal and local level and the private sector to organize this national week, proposals and posts are open from today marking the # Osbua_alapetkar
Innovation is not a luxury but an intellectual is the secret of renewal nations and peoples who determines our position among nations and the value that we add to the world around us .. Innovation Week
Join us with your suggestions for this innovation week... Such as the celebration of the most innovative teacher and administrator believes more innovation and better government entity improved innovation.. nominate us our national companies most innovative.. most supportive universities of innovation.. best students, inventors, and most memorable to honor them through innovation week.