The completion of the internal roads in Suehat

The Ministry of Public Works in collaboration with the Planning and Survey Department in Umm Al Quwain, plans the completion of the execution of the development of a network of internal roads Suehat «2» area, a length of 11 kilometers by the end of this month.
And Eng Khaled Nidal Omar, Chairman of Roads Department of the Department of Planning and Survey Umm Al Quwain, it was completed nearly 90% of the total ongoing project business in the region, that the internal roads come into work at the end of this month, after the completion of the rest of the ongoing work.
He explained that the remaining project work includes a settlement my shoulder the way through the foundation layers «Rhode biz», in addition to cleaning, he said, adding that the last phases of the project will include the installation of sign boards and distributed according to need all the way through, what makes the project is able to meet all the needs that serve the residents of the area Suehat «2» in terms of infrastructure, and keep pace with population growth in the region and other areas in the emirate.