Issuance of lease site plan request for government land


This service is for Individuals and Establishment to apply for lease site plan for government land.

Submitting Timing

from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm

Service Beneficiary

- individual (UAE Citizen, UAE Resident and Visitors). - Establishment

Required Documents

  1. - Site Plan Document (Mandatory). - Letter from UAQ Industrial Authority (Mandatory). - Tenancy Agreement (Mandatory). - Waive Document / Court Decision (Optional). - Delegation Letters and Delegators EID Documents (Optional).


  1. - Applicant (Submit the Request) and (pay the application fee) online or walkin. - Archiver (enter the detail in the system). - Reviewer (check the correct details of the request). - Draw Site Plan. - Land Survey. - Land Variation Valuation.

Service Fees

Description Payment Site Amount
Site Plan for Fees for Establishment-UAE Citizen Department Fund 500 AED

Service request form :


Contacts Customer service :

Fax: 06/7655535
Telephone: 067655554