Project Initial Acceptance


Project Initial Acceptance

Service Beneficiary

1. Individual a. UAE Citizen b. UAE Resident c. GCC Citizen d. GCC Resident e. Visitor 2. Establishment

Required Documents

  1. 1- Site Plan Document (Mandatory) 2- Owner?s Letter of Assignment to the Consultant (Mandatory) 3- Consultant?s Letter to UAQ Municipality (Mandatory) 4- Consultant?s License (Mandatory) 5- Architectural Scheme (Mandatory)


Service Fees

Description Payment Site Amount
Primary fees for residential commercial land project up to 4 floors Department Fund 1500 AED
fees for commercial residential land project + 5 / to ground + 10 Department Fund 3000 AED
Primary project Residential Commercial fees more than ground n + 10 Department Fund 7000 AED
Primary school fees for a ground floor villa or annex Department Fund 200 AED
Fees for a villa of two floors Department Fund 300 AED
Fees for the industrial project Department Fund 1500 AED
Primary fees for shops Department Fund 500 AED